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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Since 2003, IT4 has built its primary Eastern US and Western US hosting infrastructure within the facilities of SunGard Availability Services. SunGard is the leading provider of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services.

What this means to our customers is reliability, even through regional events including natural and man-made disasters.

We can bring that peace of mind to your business, at a price far lower than you might imagine.

Business Continuity as a Service
You may be diligent about backing up your mission critical data on a regular basis.

But do you have a hot standby system to take over your mission critical functions instantly if your primary systems are unavailable?

For nearly a decade, IT4 has designed, built, and managed "lifeboat" systems for our clients using our SunGard Availability Services infrastructure as the primary building block.

Back Up Your Business: Beyond Data
Most companies today are backing up documents and data. But without a hot standby system in place, business continuity relies on restoring services, which can be time consuming and costly.

The IT4 solution is Business Continuity as a Service a flexible, scalable portfolio of services designed to provide you with peace of mind.

Whether you need to have a rock-solid hot standby for a single application, such as your company web presence or a SharePoint instance... or a hot standby for a complex multi-server IT environment... IT4 can provide a fully managed solution that can meet your needs... often at a cost far less than do it yourself solutions.


SCENARIO: Building an Unsinkable Mission Critical B2B SaaS
Business Need: Maintain Continuity of SaaS Application
A start-up business with an innovative web application which is used and trusted by large business customers needs to ensure that the web application can maintain continuity through outages caused by natural events, system malfunctions, human errors, or malicious occurrances such as DDoS attacks. The aggressive SLA required to acquire and keep large business customers demands that the innovative web application does not go down. Period.
Solution: Fully Functional Lifeboat System With Automatic Global Failover
IT4 Group built and maintains a fully functional lifeboat system in our Aurora, Colorado SunGard datacenter, which is isolated from the customer's eastern US infrastructure. The Aurora lifeboat system performs data synchronization with the customer's east coast system, and is ready to serve the web application under a protocol of pre-defined trigger events, automatically, in a global failover configuration.
Lifeboat System Specifications
Dedicated web and database servers; dedicated public IP addresses; fully managed perimeter security.
Guaranteed 99.99% availability.
5 Mbps premium managed multi-provider SunGard Availability Services internet connectivity.
Custom global application health probes.
Automatic global failover based on pre-defined criteria, with real-time input from global health probes.
Automatic data synchronization with human monitoring.
Unlimited 24/7 tech support and proactive platform management.
$950 per month


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