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The IT4 Custom Cloud Solution
For over a decade, IT4 Group has been designing, building and providing fully managed, hosted IT solutions and cloud-based services with which our innovative corporate clients develop, deliver and manage mission-critical applications.

Our mission is to help our customers use the latest stable and secure technologies to add value to their business by improving their existing business model and by taking advantage of new opportunities.

We have built our cloud infrastructure to meet the most stringent corporate requirements in terms of security, availability, speed, and stability. Our primary cloud infrastructure is built in the facilities of SunGard Availability Services which has proven year in and year out to provide the service levels our corporate clients require and expect for their internet-facing applications.

What's a Private Cloud?
The term "private cloud" is used to describe a number of non-public, cloud products.

Hosted private clouds often share so many facilities, the "private" portion of the name is an optimistic concept, a thin virtual veneer in a very public data center environment.

Boxed (software-based) private clouds offer granular control, but require you to purchase your own hardware, software, and expertise to build and operate.

The IT4 Private Cloud brings together the best of both worlds: the ease and cost-predictability of a hosted solution plus the isolation and privacy of a boxed solution.

What is the IT4 Custom Cloud Solution?
Simply stated, the IT4 Custom Cloud Solution is made to order for your dynamic business requirements.

When you engage IT4 Group to help you engineer a cloud solution, we bring together our experience, expertise, assets, blue-chip partner products, and ongoing engineering and management support, to meet your detailed specifications.

We provide the best in hosted private cloud services which can seamlessly work with your existing IT environment, and public cloud services as well, including our primary public cloud supplier, Amazon Web Services.

Whether your needs are small, private, global, public, or any combination, IT4 can help you right-size a cloud architecture that is secure, available, scalable and provides a very attractive return on investment.

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